About Us

We are family owned business who strive to create the ultimate hand rolled flapjacks to challenge your taste buds with their wholesome goodness and mouth watering flavours.

After 20 million flapjacks and 15 years later we believe we’ve picked up a thing or two about flapjacks and that ‘thing or two’ is what our experienced ‘flapjackers’ use to make our truly delicious range of flapjacks. We always ensure that only the best of ingredients make it into our bakery so only the best flapjacks make it to you.

Our flapjacks in your name: Rebranding our flapjacks in your name couldn’t be easier. We take care of everything from Design, Manufacture and Delivery to your door. Bespoke and original products are our speciality, if you’ve got an idea we’re eager to listen and help you create that product. We are always looking for Wholesalers, Distributers and Retailers who would like to expand their business working with a growth focused and customer service orientated company like ours.